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Mahima Shani Dev Ki | महिमा शनि देव | Shani | Shanidev | Aaradhana | Episode 5

Welcome to Aaradhana Channel
And i have brought for you the Hindi Tv Show of Lord Shani Dev ji.
Mahima Shani Dev Ki' TV show breaks all the myths and misunderstandings about Lord Shani (Saturn), one of the nine heavenly object.
Lord Shani, one of the nine
primary celestial beings in Hindu astrology, encounters various situations that aim to dissolve all the misunderstandings surrounding his existence.
Shani Dev warns Vikramaditya that his pride could be his downfall. He says that he always does justice and Vikramaditya will come to know in the future. Acharya Varahmihir requests to postpone the Mahakaal jyotirlinga’s puja but arrogant Vikramaditya rejects it. Queen Madanlekha becomes terrified to see a frightening dream about a black horse running around her and Vikramaditya is wounded. Different evil omens are observed during the Mahakaal puja. Queen Madanleka sees the exact black horse which she saw in her dream and Vikramaditya sends his commander-in chief to find out the owner of the horse. Meanwhile a mysterious horse merchant has arrived at Ujjain. Who is he?