AutoCAD class 20 in اردو / हिंदी | rectangle Command in AutoCAD | How to Draw a Rectangle in AutoCAD

  • 3 years ago
Assalam O Alikum! this is AutoCAD class 20 in اردو / हिंदी.
In this Video I Am Going to Tell You guys all about rectangle command in AutoCAD. what is rectangle command in AutoCAD use of rectangle command and how to draw a rectangle in AutoCAD.
The Main points that I will cover in this video are as following:

1- AutoCAD class 20 in اردو / हिंदी
2- rectangle command in AutoCAD
3- how to draw rectangle in AutoCAD
4- how to use rectangle in AutoCAD
5- method to rectangle polygon in AutoCAD
6- use of rectangle in AutoCAD
7- benefits of using rectangle in AutoCAD
8- rectangle AutoCAD

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