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PPN World News Headlines - 17 Jun 2021 | Chinese Warplanes Buzz Taiwan | SA miners killed | Floods


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00:06 - China sends 28 warplanes to fly near Taiwan

00:50 - 20 Illegal miners dead in suspected gas explosion
(eNCA -

01:47 - Flash floods kill at least a dozen people in Nepal
(The Telegraph -

02:42- Lebanon gripped by fuel shortage
(TRT World -

03:24 - Five Apple Daily executives arrested under security law

04:23 - Kim Jong-un describes nation’s food situation as ‘tense’
(South China Morning Post -

05:24 - First astronauts en route to Tiangong space station
(DW News -

06:09 - Polygamist with family of 39 wives and 94 children dies
(Inside Edition -

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