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2 months ago

Delhi की सड़कों पर तूफानी रफ्तार से गाड़ियां नहीं चलेगी, Speed Limit हुई तय । वनइंडिया हिंदी

The Delhi traffic police on Friday fixed speed limits for motor vehicles, noting that unregulated plying of such vehicles on the roads of the national capital are endangering the lives of the motorists as well as other persons who happen to be on the road. In a notification signed by the deputy commissioner of Delhi police (traffic), the department informed citizens of the revised maximum speed limits for various types of vehicles on Delhi roads.

Delhi की सड़कों पर अब ऐसी तूफानी रफ्तार नहीं चलेगी। delhi traffic police ने अब तय कर दिया है कि किस सड़क पर कौन सी गाड़ी कितनी अधिकतम Speed पर चल सकेगी।

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