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[Read] Neotradicional Volume 2: Paintings, Drawings, Flash & Sketches Best Sellers Rank : #2
A stunning collection of drawings, sketches and tattoo flash in the neo-traditional tattoo style. Large pages showcase each piece beautifully in this gorgeous book. * Includes bilingual English/Spanish text 38 well-known tattoo artists are featured, including: Amy Victoria Savage, Barbara Munster, Caio Leme, Diego Apu, Drew Shallis, Erin Chance, Fabian Langes, Freulein Fux, Gianluca Fusco, Isnard Barbosa, Jacob Wiman, Jasmin Austin, Kid Kros, Lore Morato, Mareen Henkens, Marco Schmidgunst, MaRode, Matthias Bottcher, Oliver Vog, Pawel Jankowzki, Rodrigo Kalaka, Roger Axelsson, Sam Clark, Stu Pagdin, etc.!