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2 months ago

4th Intl PATS –2021 | 60 Hours to Glory | A Military Reality Show | Promo | 12 June 2021 | HUM TV

Digital Entertainment World
Digital Entertainment World
: Pakistan Army Team Spirit (PATS) Competition is the toughest military competition, designed to test tactical skills at physical and professional levels, accessing responses in stimulated and difficult real-time battlefield scenarios. It commenced in year 2015 and ever since it has evolved into one of the most rigorous and challenging tactical exercises of the world.

: First time ever in the history of television, 60 Hours to Glory, the biggest reality show production will showcase the rigors of Pak Army’s training regime, displaying the real test of strength, skill and team work. The reality show combines the excitement of seeing eight men team battling to achieve a single mission exhibiting what it means to be a part of the elite force. Following the intense competition of PATS-21, the events have been shot in real-time, with no enactment at all. The viewers will remain engaged in a roller-coaster production comprising 25 sensational episodes. The Show has been designed to stimulate the entertainment industry to produce an innovative stream of thrilling and adventurous content.


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