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3 months ago

Mare of Easttown Ending Explained Series Finale Breakdown

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Mare of Easttown Ending Explained Series Finale Breakdown

MARE OF EASTTOWN Ending Explained | Episode 7 Breakdown And Full Series Review

MARE OF EASTTOWN Ending Explained | Episode 7 Breakdown And Full Series Review. We recap, review, explain and breakdown the final episode of Kate Winslett's Mare Of Easttown on HBO. This reveals who really killed Erin, what the final shot means and the fate of the characters.

Mare Of Easttown Season One Recap

Ok so Mare Of Easttown has centred around the mystery of who killed Erin McMenamin. All the suspicion and it's led to several of them being under the glare of our mare played by Kate Winslet.

Miss Lady Hawk was a bit of a hero in the town but since then her reputation has started to fall and she's now not regarded as highly.

Several years ago, Mare's son took his own life and since then she's lived with her mother Helen played by Jean Smart.

Mare losing her child was of course reflected in several of the other characters namely Dawn Bailey, whose daughter Katie had been kidnapped. At one point she admitted that she had lost her daughter to drugs several years before she was taken and the series in some ways is very much about Mare trying to right the wrongs of the past so others are spared her pain.

Mare's daughter also lives with her as well as her grandson who was entrusted to her due to his mother's drug addiction. However, she was back on the road to recovery, wanting to gain full custody and after Mare planted drugs in her car and got caught she was let go from the case.

Mare took things into her own hands leading to a big revelation.

The Death Of Colin

After teaming up with Colin Zabel played by Evan Peters, the pair managed to track down a man that had been abducting women in the area. Colin caught some Quicksilver and it led to him being one of the most tragic characters in the entire show. Colin was a prodigy detective who we discovered didn't actually solve the case he was famous for and though he and Mare went on a date it was purely so that she could stay close to the case.

Mare like Colin was very much someone who had fame overshadowing their current work and it led to her wrestling with the pressure of living up to her past.

Colin still ended up a Bohner in the end and the show has used several elements like this to paint out it's dower and depressing tone.

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