I Was 280lbs - Now I'm Half The Size | BRAND NEW ME

  • 3 years ago
CARLI JAY from Sydney, Australia grew up severely overweight but was always told that it was hereditary and “big bones run in the family". When she was 24, Carli left Australia and traveled 25 countries in seven months ending up in the UK, where she has been for the last 10 years. It was in the UK that her weight rocketed to 280lbs and the dress sizes kept increasing as the change in lifestyle led her to be less active. After waking up one morning feeling as though she was paralysed, as pins and needles took over her body. Carli knew that she needed to make a dramatic change to her lifestyle. What began as a simple desire to become healthier soon became more and Carli vowed to lose half her body weight in two years. Carli now inspires and mentors people around the world to achieve their own personal goals combining a bespoke approach to transform their lives for the better.