Beautiful Relaxing & Meditation Music for Stress Relief | Yoga Meditation | Birds Sounds

  • 3 years ago
Hi Friends !
This Video “ Beautiful Relaxing & Meditation Music for Stress Relief | Yoga Meditation | Birds Sounds “ is our first relaxing & Meditation video by Free Mind. You all are welcome to our channel “FREE MIND” and enjoy peaceful & Relaxing piano and guitar music with birds singing in the background.
From this channel " FREE MIND" you can watch all relaxing music, sleeping music, meditation music and smoothing music.
Our peace and stress relief music, with the help of binaural beats, is deep healing music releasing positive energy, clearing subconscious negativity and therefore is ideal yoga music, massage music, spa music and Zen music for healing meditation. This also means it can be used as concentration music when you study and soothing sounds will help you fall asleep.

Why we must listen to the Music(relaxing, meditation, calm and smoothing) ?

Music can trigger an assortment of substance responses in your cerebrum that add to unwinding. From lessening pressure chemicals to animating sensations of joy, music can quickly mean a positive mind-set. These vibe great impacts likewise produce various positive long haul benefits for your body, for example, lower pressure and nervousness levels, better rest designs, and improved by and large wellbeing and prosperity.

Message from the Video creator of “Free Mind”
I am Jude from Sri Lanka and I make beautiful videos of relaxing music, meditation music, healing music and yoga music based on popular instruments such as piano, guitar, flute and other natural sounds for meditation, relaxation, sleep and healing. Hope my work will help you in a positive way. Blessings and Peace all the way.
Thank you very much for listening and for leaving feedback.

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