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4 months ago

Inside South Korea's Drive-Thru Coronavirus Testing Centers Used to 'Flatten the Curve' | The Wire

The Wire
The Wire
The international community has praised South Korea's quick response to the Coronavirus outbreak. While according to Washington Post 78 new cases of COVID19 were reported in the country on Monday, South Korea remains one of the few countries to have managed to flatten the curve. The country opened about 600 testing centres to prevent hospitals and clinics from getting overwhelmed. Around 50 drive through testing centres were also opened. At these centres, the patients were tested as they remained seated inside their cars. At the walk-in centres, the patients entered an enclosed room resembling a transparent phone booth. Here, the patients were tested with throat and nose swabs by healthcare workers. Along with being a faster method of testing, the transparent walls built within this structure reduced the risk of exposure between patients and doctors. By rigorously following the WHO's advice to "test, test, test", South Korea managed to keep its citizens reassured during a time of crisis.

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