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Majoritarian Politics Is Here To Stay: Ideology And Identity In Indian Politics

The Wire
The Wire
In the latest episode of Wide Angle, senior journalist Maya Mirchandani spoke to Rahul Verma, Political Scientist for Centre for Policy Research about his new book "Ideology & Identity", co-authored by Prateek Chhibar.

The book dives into the historical themes that have influenced Indian Political landscape since pre-independence, partition and agendas which have crept in today's context.

The driving force of the book is the argument by the authors who say that while ideology is not applicable to many multiethnic countries, the most important ideological debate in India focuses on statism - the regulating powers of the state - and recognition - whether and how the state should accommodate minorities and protect their rights.

Commonly described as chaotic, polarising and corrupt, the Indian Politics use media, religious practices and education disseminate the competing ideas. Chhibar and Verma using survey data, election studies and assembly debates show how these frameworks​ of Indian Polity and Democracy lie at the centre of all ideological debates in India.

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