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2 months ago

Top Coffee Alternatives to Wake You Up Recommended by Experts

It’s hard to forgo coffee’s
energy-boosting ability or rich complex flavors.
Here are eight expert-recommended alternatives that will wake you up just as much, if not more.
1. Matcha tea contains L-theanine and
caffeine, which work in tandem to produce a
more relaxed, non-jittery energy boost.
2. Green tea is minimally processed and
has great health benefits, such as reduced
risk of diabetes and heart disease.
3. Smoothies provide you with much-needed
servings of fruits and vegetables as well as
carbohydrates, fiber, antioxidants and protein.
4. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid,
which has been shown to benefit insulin
sensitivity and blood sugar levels.
5. Golden milk contains ginger,
cinnamon, turmeric and black
pepper, giving it strong
anti-inflammatory properties.
6. Yerba Mate tea contains
theobromine, which can give
you a jitter-free energy that
lasts longer than coffee.
7. Homemade hot cacao contains antioxidants and magnesium, which can help your muscles relax.
8. Kombucha allows drinkers to get the
benefits of L-theanine with a kick of caffeine
and beneficial probiotic bacteria.
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