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4 months ago

Easy Exercices to Reduce and Relieve Anxiety

Anxiety can be overwhelming and debilitating at
times, which is why it’s important to find ways
to ease the tension and healthily handle it.
Here are seven
easy ways you can
reduce and manage
your anxiety.
1. Use journaling as an outlet for
your feelings of stress and anxiety, as it
will allow your mind to let it go.
2. Exercising regularly helps
promote blood flow, improve
neurotransmitter production
and calm anxiety symptoms.
3. Use relaxation strategies,
such as progressive muscle
relaxation, meditation and
visualization to reduce stress.
4. Get an adequate
amount of sleep, as
inadequate rest can
cause increased
anxiety symptoms.
5. Work on desensitizing yourself to your
fears and worries so that you’re more comfortable
handling the situation when you encounter them.
6. Find healthy distractions,
such as watching a funny
TV show, playing a game with
friends or listening to music.
7. Channel your anxiety into
expressive art, as it will not only
serve as a distraction, but give
you an outlet for your feelings.