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Crypto News - Bitcoin Price [BTC] Going Downhill After Musk Tweet? - Bitcoin News

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Several cryptocurrency rates dropped after Elon Musk recommended Tesla may have sold a few of its bitcoin holdings.

The electrical automobile maker's CEO implied Sunday afternoon that Tesla may use the rest of its bitcoin holdings, sending its price lower.

Instantly after the remarks, bitcoin's price was trading at $42,241.44 at 12:07 a.m. ET on Monday, according to

The user @CryptoWhale specified, "Bitcoiners will get blindsided next quarter when they see Tesla discarded the rest of its holdings. If Elon Musk is getting the kind of hate he is, then I would not blame him ...".

"Indeed" Musk reacted.

Tesla quit working to react to a request for comment following Musk's declaration that it prepared to keep bitcoin instead of sell it.

Throughout the past year, Musk has in fact been a strong supporter of cryptocurrencies, helping to boost the price of digital coins, consisting of bitcoin.

Business exposed in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that it had really obtained $1.5 billion in bitcoin. Business later revealed it had actually made $101 million in make money from sales of bitcoin in the extremely first quarter.

Musk just recently appeared to change his mind in favor of dogecoin, the cryptocurrency based on a meme.

Just recently, Tesla likewise "suspended cars and truck purchases making use of bitcoin" since it was worried about it "quickly using nonrenewable fuel sources to mine bitcoins." Bitcoin rates decreased by about 5% not long after Musk's statement.

Ever since, Musk has in fact been responding critics of his position on cryptocurrency on Twitter.

Developer of Union Square Ventures Frederick Wilson tweeted Friday: "He's playing video games. It's hard to take someone who does this seriously. I've lost a great deal of regard for him because of it.".

Contributing to Wilson's statement, he mentioned, "Great regard for what he finishes with his skills. Less regard for what he finishes with his tweets.".

SpaceX broke the news last week that it would accept dogecoin as payment to release DOGE-1, an objective to the Moon.

Traders have obtained acceptance for the coin thanks to his suggestion, assisting to push up its price.

A variety of exchange platforms, including Binance and Robinhood, currently support dogecoin trading. Coinbase has plans to offer the digital coin next month.

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