Executor's Guide, The: Settling a Loved One's Estate or Trust Best Sellers Rank : #4

  • 3 years ago
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The Executor's Guide shows someone who's wrapping up a loved one's estate how to proceed, step by step. It explains what must be done right away and what can wait, guiding readers through a land of unfamiliar legal procedures and terminology. It covers:preparing for the job of executor or trusteethe first steps to takeclaiming life insurance, Social Security, and other benefitsmaking sense of a willwhat to do if there is no willhow to determine whether probate is necessary --it may not be!managing assets a child inheritstaxesan overview of probate court proceedingswhat you can do to avoid disputes with family membershandling trustslooking up your state's laws, andworking with lawyers, appraisers, accountants and other experts.The Executor's Guide contains tables that outline key points of each state's laws, the latest information on estate tax laws, example letters, and helpful worksheets.