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8 months ago

Advanced Interviewing Techniques: Proven Strategies for Law Enforcement, Military, and Security

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Interviewing skills are critical for solving criminal investigations, obtaining information, and developing intelligence. The purpose of this book is to assist law enforcement officers and security professionals to become better interviewers. This book was written with working professionals in mind and contains proven interviewing techniques. The enhanced outline format of the text and the extended table of contents provide for easy reference, reading, and comprehension. Material for this book is drawn from numerous sources, including formal interviewing models and decades of social and psychological research, as well as the authors' over fifty years of combined law enforcement experience. In many instances, this book reveals techniques and methodologies not previously published. The reader is quickly immersed into the dynamic theater of the interview, exploring methods and techniques that enhance the interview process and increase the probability for a successful outcome. This book contains the latest verbal and nonverbal techniques to identify, with greater certainty, when interviewees are lying or concealing information. Written in a style law enforcement professionals prefer, the information is presented quickly, authoritatively, and to the point. While law enforcement, military, and intelligence personnel are the primary beneficiaries of this book, attorneys, human resource professionals, and anyone who makes inquiry of others on a daily basis will also find this book useful.