2 years ago

Playing a RPG game, resident evil (pt 3) using Human Level Artificial Intelligence

This video is just a hypothetical demonstration of how a robot successfully plays Resident Evil at a human level. I filed 8 patents on an invention called human level artificial intelligence with a 2006 priority. In order to fully describe my invention, I had to make these AI "thinking" demos. These videos are old and were made a long time ago.

There are no sounds in the video to put emphasis on the robot's thinking process, and the sequence of intelligent thoughts and actions that lead to human thinking while doing a human task (in this case, playing videogames).

I actually had to reverse engineer a human brain (me) in terms of what I was thinking and doing while playing video games. This is how I was able to invented human level AI and produce a full data structure to this type of AI. Human level AI is the holy grail of ai research and is also known as artificial general intelligence, or True AI, or Strong AI in the industry.

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