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Your how-to guide to become a hamHam radio, or amateur radio, is a way to talk with people around the world in real-time, or to send email without any sort of internet connection. It provides a way to keep in touch with friends and family, whether they are across town or across the country. It is also a very important emergency communication system. When cell phones, landlines, the internet, and other systems are down or overloaded, Amateur Radio still gets the message through. Radio amateurs, often called hams, enjoy radio technology as a hobby, but are often called upon to provide vital service when regular communications systems fail.Ham Radio For Dummies is your guide to everything there is to know about ham radio. Plus, this updated edition provides new and additional information on digital mode operating, as well as use of amateur radio in student science and new operating events.- Set up your radio station- Design your ham shack- Provide support in emergencies and communicate with other hams- Study for the licensing exam and choose your call signIf you're looking to join a college radio club or just want to learn the latest tips and tricks, this book is a helpful reference guide to beginners, or those who have been hams for years.