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REAL Conjuring House|The TRUE Story Behind the Conjuring House (PART 1)

You may have seen the horror movie The Conjuring, but what you didn't realize is the chilling events of film are actually based on REAL EVENTS. In fact, the Conjuring House is entirely real, and in this paranormal documentary, we'll be covering the scary true story behind the REAL Conjuring House. The history behind this haunted home is utterly terrifying. From scary stories involving renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren to countless witnesses claiming to encounter ghosts, spirits, and demons within the Conjuring House walls, this is one true horror story you won't soon forget. Would you dare to spend the night in this scary haunted location? Join us for a supernatural story time covering the true story behind the Conjuring House.


Real Crime Story -Interview With A Serial Killer (Part 1) :

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