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I Transformed From Goth to Everyday Guy - & I Hate It | TRANSFORMED

THIS EXTREME goth has received a Jersey Shore makeover. Mattia, 25, lives in London, working as a hairdresser. He’s always had an extreme gothic style, sporting piercings, tattoos and even bright green hair. Mattia’s clothes are always black, incorporating aspects of cyberpunk - often wearing fishnets and neon accessories. In this episode of Transformed, Mattia is reinvented into a typical 'lad' - with all of his eccentricity stripped back. He described this look to Truly, the polar opposite to his usual attire: “The typical male look is very boring. People on TV shows like The Only Way Is Essex, Jersey Shore - it’s just very tacky, and not for me.” Mattia is originally from Italy, growing up in a small town he found it difficult to gain acceptance for his style. “Nobody would accept you for who you are," he explained. “Many people, including my family tried to tell me that I would look better in another way.” Mattia lives with his boyfriend Alex, who also favours the dark side of life. “His look is like Dracula going to a sex club," Alex said. “As long as I've known him he's always been like this, which is why I like him." Mattia is transformed into the style he most loathes - with everyday men’s fashion, and his originality is covered up. How did this gothic pair react to his new look?