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DOOM Eternal - All Slayer Skins | including custom skins

A showcase of every DOOM Slayer skin we've managed to get by playing DOOM Eternal including custom modded skins from nexusmods website.

Skins featured in this video are: Astro Slayer Skin, Blood Slayer Skin, Crimson Slayer Skin, Industrial Espionage Skin, Midnight Slayer Skin, Phobos Slayer Skin, Wetland Warrior Skin, Bronze Slayer Skin, Classic Doomguy Skin, Demonic Slayer Skin, Ember Slayer Skin, Hot Rod Slayer Skin, Praetor Suit Skin, Sentinel Armor Skin, Zombie Slayer Skin, Maykr Slayer Skin, Gold Slayer Skin, 25th Anniversary Slayer Skin, Funny Bone Skin, Viridian Empyrean Skin, Fallen Angel Skin, QuakeCon 2020 Slayer Skin, Democide Skin, Aurum Skin, Hellforged Skin, Wetland Warrior Skin, World Spear Skin and more...

Custom/modded skins showcased in the video are: Missing Texture, Vent and sus, Ahegao, Cyber Skullface, Cotton Candy, Emperor of Niflheim and more...

The audio used in this video was composed by David Levy and is owned by Bethesda/id Software, all rights go to them.

You’ve saved Earth from demonic corruption, defied all-powerful gods from beyond the cosmos and awoken an ancient evil for one final confrontation. Unite the Sentinel armies and take the war to the stronghold of the Dark Lord himself in one last effort to seal away evil once and for all. With the all-new Sentinel Hammer in hand, the Slayer will rip, tear and now smash every demon in his path across ancient Sentinel settlements, devastated Earth cities and beyond, tackling stronger new enemy variants as he nears his final battle. Everything you’ve fought for has led to this moment. Your war against Hell ends here.

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