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24 days ago|134 views

Washington Football Team Fans Respond to Potential New Names

Wibbitz Top Stories
Wibbitz Top Stories
Washington Football Team Fans
Respond to Potential New Names.
Washington Football Team season ticket holders received different lists of potential new team names.
Some of the new name ideas include
The Washington Rubies,
The Washington Commanders,
The Washington Warriors.
Washington Redwolves, Washington Redhogs, The Washington Swifts and more.
The season ticket holders were surveyed to give
their opinions about the potential new names.
Many were disappointed in the choices.
The new names were not ones that I cared for at all, Fan Sum Mehrnama, via WTOP News.
I’m a little concerned about Warriors. I don’t want to go through this again, as a fan. I just want to go through this once and never have to deal with it ever again, Fan Ted Abela, via WTOP News.
Others thought the organization should just keep the current name, Washington Football Team.
As a senior fan, I do not want another name. Washington Football still keeps a sense of tradition. And, (in) my honest opinion, is a good bridge between us senior fans, and the younger generations of fans that are upon us now, Fan Robin Stultz, via WTOP News