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Warframe: Call of the Tempestarii - Available Now | PS5, PS4

Captain a revamped Railjack to the new Proxima in Warframe’s latest update, Call of the Tempestarii!

Push back the emergent Corpus fleet as you investigate a mysterious ghost ship in the very first Railjack-borne Quest. Become the specter of death as the 46th Warframe, Sevagoth, and unleash his Exalted Shadow to unlock an additional suite of destructive, melee-focused Abilities.

Raijlack’s recent “Retrofit” makes it easier than ever to jump straight into the action! Customize your personal loadout with the new Plexus, hire and command a Crew, and experience the synergy of Railjack space combat with Warframe’s core ground-based mechanics.

The Void Storm beckons, Tenno. Will you answer the call?


Join 50M+ registered players in Warframe, a cooperative, third-person looter shooter that pushes your limits with frenetic combat and epic adventures, set in a constantly evolving sci-fi universe. Visit to learn more.

Rated Mature: Blood & Gore, Violence

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