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8 months ago

Full version Essential Oils for Animals: A Complete Guide to Animal Wellness Using Essential

Essential oils can help you keep your animals healthy and happy naturally. This book is a practical guide to why, how and when to use aromatic extracts for any animal. In the 2nd edition of this comprehensive reference resource, Nayana shares her personal experience and know-how from 20 years of working with animals and aromatics. She also sets out a simple, holistic system to choose the right oil for every occasion. All illustrated with case studies and color photos, so you can feel confident using the essential oils safely. Hydrosols are also included in the book, offering a safe and gentle way to work with cats and smaller animals, as well as animals living in herds and those afraid of humans. The book includes detailed profiles of 56 essential oils, 22 hydrosols, 12 herbal/carrier oils and instruction on how to make your own natural lotions and potions, with a selection of recipes for everyday situations. Plus, sections on the benefits of 5 Element Theory for animal wellbeing, and how to keep your animals stress free, make this a truly holistic guide to natural animal wellness. A book that anyone caring for animals will refer to again and again.