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Requiem For My Mother Movie

Teaser Trailer
Teaser Trailer
Requiem For My Mother Movie Trailer HD - Plot synopsis: "Requiem For My Mother" is the story of film composer Stephen Edwards' journey of the loss of his mother and main musical influence Rosalie Edwards. As she is suffering and dying from ovarian cancer, Stephen undertakes the most challenging commission of his life. Immediately he channels all of his anger, passion, sadness, loss and hope for the future into a new major choral work that he gets invited to present in Vatican City at a noted music festival there. As the story of Stephen's life and upbringing unfolds, the challenge of writing and presenting the Requiem with an amateur chorus at one of the world's most famous music festivals will inspire and entertain audiences worldwide. Will this group of over 200 singers and 50 orchestra be up the challenge?

Director: Stephen Edwards and David Haugland