2 years ago

This Is How These 10 Animals Look Like while Giving Birth

Animal Rescue Team
The word “giving birth” will undoubtedly conjure up the most dramatic images in your mind won't it? A woman screaming blue, doctors going “breathe Breathe” possibly a husband fainting, it’s a melodrama like no other, but have you seen animals giving birth?? It’s an entirely different ball game altogether but astonishing too. When watching the videos from this list you’re going to be stunned at the workings of nature. You’re going to ask, why don’t Humans give birth like that? It’s pretty interesting to see how animals look when giving birth. Did you know baby dogs pop out in a sac?
From an elephant calf just dropping out effortlessly to the birth of a cheetah, what you’re about to see here is unbelievable if not magical. Keep watching till number 1 that shows the birth of a red kangaroo that is simply amazing.


00:00​ How do animals give birth?
00:50​ elephant Giving Birth
01:46​ Tiger Giving Birth
02:42​ Cheetah Giving Birth
03:26​ Dolphin Giving Birth
04:12​ Stingray Giving Birth
05:20​ Rhino Giving Birth
06:04​ Sea Lion Giving Birth
06:44​ Giraffe Giving Birth
07:40​ Horse Giving Birth
08:33​ Kangaroo Giving Birth