3 years ago

How To Write The Vigilante Genre (Characters & Stories) For Your Mangas, Comics Or Novels

In today's video, I'm discussing how you can create vigilante characters and write the genre, including it in your own mangas, comics, novels or just for fun! I hope you enjoy this video, and it helps with your creative projects!
First of all, let’s discuss what a vigilante is and what makes up the vigilante genre.
A vigilante is a character who takes on a role of bringing justice, and taking down criminals, even though it is not in their authority to do so. Usually a vigilante takes on this role where the true law enforcers may fail. Vigilantes can be good characters, like Naofumi Iwatani, who do this with a desire for justice. However, vigilantes can also be more like anti-heroes, like Light Yagami, who believe they are doing it for the good of the world, when others might question their true motives.
The vigilante genre itself focuses on characters like these, going on their own missions and following their own sense of justice. It is usually mixed with another genre, like crime, action, mystery, thriller or fantasy.
One important thing to keep in mind is that vigilantes can be any kind of character type, and there can also be varying levels of vigilantism. As long as they are defying some sort of ‘law’ it makes them a vigilante.
A common misunderstanding with writing vigilantes in a story is through the fact that a lot of writers may forget the fact that vigilantism is illegal. However, when it comes to writing the vigilante genre, the law is something very important to keep in mind. It should not be so easy for your characters to simply defy this, no matter what motive they have.
I recommend that for your vigilante story, you first come up with some set laws or rules in the world of your story. That way, when your character may decide to break these laws, you also have in mind what the consequences are for this action. Even if you are creating your story in a fantasy or supernatural world, developing a basic law system will help you with this a lot.
As well as this, I also include 11 tips in this video, to help you with creating your own stories in the vigilante genre!