2 years ago

27 Beauty And Makeup Hacks For Girls

Incredible Beauty ideas and hacks to give you a confidence boost

This video shows you some fantastic makeup ideas and hacks that will solve all those intolerable problems we face in our beauty routine.
Applying your foundation with a dirty beauty blender can cause some problems for your skin. To help you, I show you a great beauty blender alternative using a regular party balloon.
Applying a good primer before doing your foundation is vital. But if you run out of it and you need an emergency primer that’s also cheaper, you can use a men’s aftershave balm instead.
To quickly clean your makeup brushes, rub them against the sticky side of a tape.
Watch the entire video to see some more foundation and makeup tricks that will inspire your new look.

0:08​ – A smart beauty blender alternative
1:47​ – Receding hairline coverage
4:00​ – How to contour your face
5:35​ – Nose contouring tutorial
6:24​ – Cute natural-looking freckles using broccoli
7:03​ – Tricks you didn’t know about makeup
8:17​ – How to make your eyeshadow more opaque
11:08​ – A DIY powder to fix oily hair

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