Relaxing Music with Binaural Beats 2.7 Hz Delta for Deep Sleep

  • 3 years ago
This Relaxing Music Session includes 2.7 Hz Binaural Beats located in the Delta Brainwave range. This is ideal for deep sleep, healing/relief, and even access to the unconscious.

We watch the play of color in water, resulting in a mesmerizing blend of vibrant and gently flowing hues.

I hope this video can provide a restful ambience imbued with powerful binaural beats. Delta beats like these can produce a feeling of distance from physical sensation that I've found to be quite unique and distinctive in addition to a respite from sleeplessness and anxiety. The combination of strings and synth brings an ethereal sort of atmosphere to this half-hour of relaxing music that should be perfect for meditation as well.

For best effects, make sure to listen with headphones at an appropriate volume. Binaural Beats remain effective even at low volumes, so don't be afraid to bring things down to night-time levels.


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