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Biden’s German Shepherds Involved in Biting Incident at White House

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Wibbitz Top Stories
Biden’s German
Shepherds Involved
in Biting Incident
at White House.
President Joe Biden’s two
German Shepherds, Major
and Champ, have been sent
back to Delaware following an
incident at the White House.
CNN reports that
3-year-old Major
was involved in a
“biting incident”
with an unidentified
member of security. .
White House Press Secretary
Jen Psaki briefly commented on
the situation during an interview
on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe.’.
Psaki said she didn’t have
“any specifics” but that
the two dogs were “part
of the Bidens' family.” .
I don’t have any updates for you, Mika, on
reports about an incident. But what I can
tell you as a dog lover—I know you are—is
that Major and Champ are part of the Bidens’
family. They’re members of the family, Jen Psaki, to 'Morning Joe'.
She went on to point out
that it is not unusual for
Major and Champ to go
to Delaware when first
lady Jill Biden travels. .
They often go to Delaware when the
first lady is traveling, and they’re adjusting
to their new home. But I don’t have any
more on those reports, I just know that
they’re beloved members of the family, and
of course of the White House family, too, Jen Psaki, to 'Morning Joe'.
Michael LaRosa, spokesman for the first lady,
later confirmed that the dogs went to Delaware
to “stay with family friends” while Jill traveled. .
A White House official reportedly told
NBC News that the dogs “[would] be back.”