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SHANGO JAZZ Ft. Jorge Herrera - Wakanda

This is the fifth track on the promised 10-song album, which I will title "September 23." WAKANDA is an imaginary African country, in the movie The Black Panther, which shows us a face of modernity, technological and scientific advances of the black race. I took that name to represent our Afro-Latin, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-American race and in general the African continent. The great origins of world music that makes us dance come from our African ancestors. This gives us many positive energies that our spirit needs, to live in balance not only with ourselves but with nature. We Latin Americans were lucky to inherit all those rhythms that the slaves brought us to this continent and that is why our music is known throughout the world, for its quality, originality and universality, all thanks to them.
This time my "Parientisimo" Jorge Ivan Herrera, plays the Babybass, providing a different sound, which gives that touch of originality and finesse to this musical theme.
Jorge I Herrera (Babybass)
Hector Herrera - Creation, musical assembly, mixing, executive production


MANY THANKS TO ALL THE OWNERS OF THE FOOTAGE VIDEOS, which you can watch on the PEXELS website (

I included in this video the following:
• Dancers and African Group: Magda Ehlers
• Tropical music group and African Group Ref. ID_3967181: Kelly Lacy
• African Family:
• Askar-Abayev-6194292/6194294/6195397/6195401/6195404/6200796
• Trumpet and Saxophones: Laura Marc

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