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Terry and The Pirates - Season 1 - Episode 9 - Co Pilots | John Baer, Jack Reitzen

Sangmaire 6193
Hotshot blows his paycheck - and more besides - at Wang Wang's disreputable gambling house. He needs $600 quick so agrees to help the Dragon Lady slip a pair of gamecocks - carrying six large diamonds in their gizzards - from the plane to her house without going through the formalities of bills of lading - or Chopstick Joe's larcenous fingers. Unfortunately for Hotshot, one of Chopstick's cousins stows aways on the flight carrying the roosters and throws them overboard, placing Hotshot in danger from not only the crooked gambler but the Dragon Lady, too.

Directed by Lew Landers
Starring John Baer, Jack Reitzen, Gloria Saunders

John Baer as Terry Lee
Jack Reitzen as Chopstick Joe
Gloria Saunders as Dragon Lady
William Tracy as Hotshot Charlie
Sandra Spence as Burma

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