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5 months ago

Signs Your Long-Distance Relationship is Built to Last

Long-distance relationships can be tough, with many couples unable to endure the obstacles it creates.
However, some couples are strong enough to stick together and endure the distance.
Here are seven signs that mean your long-distance relationship was built to last.
1. You and your partner are emotionally intimate with each other.
2. The physical distance is only temporary and you have a target date for when you'll finally be together.
3. You and your partner appreciate having alone time and respect each other’s need for it.
4. You make an effort to travel and see each other whenever possible.
5. You’ve hit all of the major relationship milestones, such as saying “I love you.”
6. You’ve met each other’s friends and family members.
7. You’re able to make promises to each other and trust that they’ll be kept.