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7 months ago

Valentine's Day: Avoir These Vibe-Killing Foods

Best-case scenario, Valentine’s Day means rose petals, a romantic meal and plenty of intimacy.
Unfortunately, even the most well thought out plans can be ruined by food-induced discomfort.
Here are six food and drinks that nutritionists recommend you avoid on Valentine’s Day.
1. Garlic and Onions, It’s hard to focus on kissing if your breath and skin smells like sulfur.
2. Spinach, Broccoli and Popcorn Kernels, There’s nothing less romantic than having food wedged between your teeth.
3. Cauliflower, Cabbage, Beans and Onions, Feeling bloated and gassy does not equal a fun-filled night.
4. Fatty Foods, Nutritional Counselor Christine DeLozier says a very fatty meal can cause you to become fatigued and reduce your sex drive.
5. Inflammatory Foods, Avoid the foods you know upset your body and give you stomach cramps.
6. Too Much Alcohol and Carbonated Drinks, Too much booze and bubbly can make you feel tired and cause gas and bloating.
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