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ENGSUB 探险队被巨齿鲨追杀,不料出现只雪怪,徒手抓住直接啃了!|【大雪怪 Snow Monster】吴浚诚/张咏娴/唐鑫 | YOUKU MOVIE | 优酷电影

Filmow Shen is leading a team into the Arctic wastelands when something large and hairy turns up and trashes their Sno-Cat. Her employers reach out to Ren, the only person who can lead a rescue team. Ren is also Shen’s ex so he agrees.
The team has to trek through a tunnel full of prehistoric birds with a taste for human brains. However, they make it out of the tunnel and find themselves in an uncharted valley. And under attack by snow sharks. Until something huge and hairy shows up… Snow Monster Snow Monster