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9 months ago

SAFE Way to Get BIG Kylie Jenner LIPS W/ OUT Surgery | #KylieJennerChallenge​ | Kylie Jenner LipKit

♡ P L E A S E - R E A D ! ! ! ♡
I’ve been accused of having lip injections for YEARS but especially since I started using these techniques (usually, not as over-the-top as in this video) since sometime this summer. This is a simple trick that’s great for playing around and maybe taking some selfies. Some people have claimed these results last for 3 hours…that’s TOTAL BS in my experience. This only lasts about 30-45 minutes MAX on me. Not sure if it just depends on the person or what but I’m just saying, I don’t think the little suction devices are worth it. If you do it before you leave your house, by the time you get to where you’re going you’ll have deflated like a balloon! LOL I think it’s completely ridiculous. Just as ridiculous as...

I AM NOT a supporter of “the challenge". People are taking things WAY too far and you can end up really bruising and hurting yourself if you’re not careful. The technique I showed you in this video is similar in how it works but the results are TOTALLY different. I CANNOT STRESS IT ENOUGH, PLEASE BE CAREFUL and TAKE YOUR TIME!! And ONLY use things that are designed specifically for lips so that you don’t end up looking like a lunatic! It shouldn't hurt. If you feel pain, you're doing it WAY WRONG!