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8 months ago

How To Write A Prologue That Sells! (For Manga, Comics Or Novels)

Today I’m going to be showing you how to create an amazing prologue that will make your manga, comic or novel into an instant success!
First of all, what is a prologue?
A prologue is an opening to a story before the first chapter, and it usually gives some pieces of information or an introduction that better establishes the story before the main events. The purpose of a prologue is to help hook a reader really fast in order to make them want more of your book.
Now that you know what a prologue is, let’s discuss why it may be so important for your book to have one.
1- Out Of Context Info Is Needed
2- Info About The World Is Needed
3- Use A Prologue To Foreshadow Story Events
4- Use A Prologue To Show Information That Can’t Be Put Into The Story Otherwise
5- Use A Prologue To Introduce A Villain Early On
6- Use A Prologue To Show Tone
7- Use A Prologue To Show Action Fast
These are all reasons why your book may benefit from a prologue. Though also be aware that your particular story may not need one. The purpose of a prologue is to hook your readers in quickly, but if your Chapter 1 already does that, then adding more to the start is unnecessary.
If you have read your book, and determined that a prologue would help it, then here’s how to create one that will instantly appeal to your audience!