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11 months ago

[Read] CORE 4 of Wellness: Nutrition | Physical Exercise | Stress Management | Spiritual Wellness
The path to total wellness begins at your core. Nutrition, physical exercise, stress management, and spiritual wellness are the roots of health, peace, and contentment. You must feed these roots if you want to make real, positive change in your life.Motivational speaker and family physician Kaushal B. Nanavati, MD, employs his extensive experience in providing care and coaching to individuals from many walks of life in this guide to mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. CORE 4 of Wellness provides effective exercises to help you devise the best ways to handle stress, models for improving your eating habits, routines for physical activity, and easily understood guidance toward achieving the life you desire.In addition to creating healthy habits, you?ll reflect on your life, your values, and your goals and figure out the source of any unhappiness or discontent. Whether it?s your career, spouse, finances, or something else in your life, now is the time to pinpoint the problem so you can solve it.Learn to manage stress. Find balance and peace, inside and out. Discover how to stay calm and positive in any given situation. Be happy and healthy?and, most importantly, stay that way!