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WWE 25 February 2021 Roman Reigns vs Aj Styles Epic Match Full Highlights

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WWE 25 February 2021 Roman Reigns vs Aj Styles Epic Match Full Highlights

Roman Reigns will get a chance to prove he is the guy against AJ Styles at WWE Payback on Sunday. The WWE world heavyweight champion has been a bit edgier since winning the title at WrestleMania, likely because of the overwhelmingly negative reaction he continues to get from fans.

That negativity could well be at an all-time high when he steps into the ring against AJ.

Styles is one of the most talented performers in WWE and is arguably the most talented one who's been near the championship since Seth Rollins. Brock Lesnar is a monster and Triple H is a respected veteran, but AJ is in a league of his own.

Can the same be said of Roman?

Roman faces off with AJ Styles.
Roman faces off with AJ Styles.credit: wwe.com
The differences between the two men are staggering, and that is not a surprise. Reigns is the weaker of the two in terms of experience and main event work; he should be paired with a guy who can lift him up when needed.

Styles is the best choice for an opponent, as he will surely do everything he can to deliver the best match possible.

Roman is big, tough and intimidating. He uses power moves combined with a brawling mentality, and he has improved in every aspect of his game. He is a strongman who is always fighting to prove himself, which will definitely be the case at Payback.

Styles is pound for pound one of the best workers in the industry. He is dynamic in the ring, he's a high flying threat and his mat wrestling is perhaps the best it's ever been. Styles has spent an entire career proving himself outside of WWE; he's doing the same in Vince McMahon's promotion.

He is the better of the two men, and he will use his skills to make his world champion opponent look good.

The fact AJ has reached this point so soon likely surprised many fans, mostly because he is not a homegrown WWE talent. But his popularity is undeniable. As is his ability in the ring. So why not elevate him to this level?

The most obvious problem with this match, however, is both men are supposed to be babyface.

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