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5 months ago

Full E-book Misfit Princess (Misfits of the Fae Realm, #1) Review

Freedom. My newest treasure, earned through escaping my abusive boyfriend thanks to the help of my best friend. I?m a survivor, but it comes with a price. I constantly feel like someone?s watching me, and between this paranoia and the panic attacks, my new life has not been easy. It?s a constant battle to hold onto my fragile new self-control. Enter three vastly different, equally stubborn men to complicate my life, each one evoking feelings I thought I?d know. Who are they and why am I drawn to them? I want to move on from my past, but I?m scared to let them in. If I could just find the time to sit down and figure it out, perhaps I could solve this riddle, but an old threat has found me, and my time is running out...who do I turn to for protection?