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The Seventh Day movie (2021) - Guy Pearce, Keith David, Stephen Lang

Teaser Trailer
Teaser Trailer
The Seventh Day movie (2021) Trailer HD - Father Peter (#GuyPearce​) was still the young apprentice to the renowned exorcist Father Louis when they embarked on a particularly challenging exorcism in the city of Baltimore in 1995 - the same day as the visit of Pope John Paul II. During the exorcism of the possessed boy, Nicholas, the demon proved too powerful and ultimately killed Father Louis, forcing the inexperienced Father Peter to step in. Father Peter was no match for the powerful demon, who first killed Nicholas, causing his entire body to erupt in flames...and then the demon left Nicholas, and entered Father Peter.

Years later, there has been a drastic increase in possessions/evil popping up around the country. Father Peter, who went on to become one of the world’s most prominent exorcists (a la Father Gary Thomas/Malachai Martin), is now in his 50’s and serving the church in a new capacity - he’s overseeing young priest recruits in the last step of their on-the-job training as exorcists, before they are stationed in different diocese around the country to stand on the frontlines and protect that region from evil - or so the church thinks. In fact, Father Peter is a perfectly possessed demon, using his dark powers of persuasion to convince the priests to let the devil in, and then go off and spread evil, not cure it. As a result, there’s a growing army of possessed priests out there, soldiers of the devil, demons hiding in plain sight, just waiting for the call to attack.

27-year-old Father Daniel García, Father Peter’s latest trainee/victim, volunteered to be an exorcist because he desperately wanted to be part of the fight against this rapidly spreading, insidious evil...even if he’s scared out of his wits. He’s no born warrior, but it’s through the trials and tribulations of his first day of on-the-job training with Father Peter that Daniel learns his true mettle as a defender of good. #TheSeventhDay
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