2 years ago

How Rising Interest Rates Can Cause a Home Inventory Collapse - Low Mortgage Rates & Home Prices

Jason Hartman explains how rising interest rates can cause a home inventory collapse because people will not want to give up their super low fixed-rate mortgage. Doug Utberg and Jason also talk about the advantages of real estate investing versus the stock market and how artificially low mortgage rates make housing cheaper than 14 years ago.
0:00 Introduction
4:41 Big tech monopolies
7:01 Zombie companies that make money by raising money
7:41 Civil conversations and focus
10:49 Debt multiplies the increase in real estate values
11:58 Stock market crashed 80% in 1929
12:35 Stock market is a one-dimensional asset class
17:02 Housing payments cheaper today than 14 years ago
21:34 Increasing interest rates could limit supply
24:05 The mortgage is an asset
25:28 Invest in places that make sense

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