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Easy way to draw beautiful landscape painting with Knife __ Pallavi Drawing Acad

Drawing Academy
Hello Friends

I hope you will like this painting ..

Paper__________canvas board.
Colour_________Poster colour..
Brush__________flat10no,.and round 2 no.

Note:- 1:-Only use clean brushes.
Also use the thin brush to draw the line and use a wide brush to mix the color.

2:-You may also use Acrilic colour or oil pastel and any hard Drawing paper to draw this painting.

3:-If you are using a sponge, keep in mind that you take a lighter color in the sponge and pressure it with light hands on the canvas board.

4:-When you are mixing two different colours, keep in mind that your brush should be completely clean and slightly gilded.

5:-You may use black pen or marker for draw thin lines or tree in this painting.


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