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8 months ago

The Bullying Breakthrough: Real Help for Parents and Teachers of the Bullied, Bystanders, and

In a world full of caring adults, how is it that we keep missing the cries of hurting kids??Today, when the bell rings, kids might leave their school campus, but they can never escape the other world, a world where mockers and intimidators thrive. Ironically, they carry a gateway to that world right in their pockets, because they see that world as an avenue of escape. . .but in reality, it?s putting them in bondage." --Jonathan McKee? With chapters including:Digital HurtThe Escape KeyWhy Didn?t You Say Anything?Meet the PrincipalReal-World Solutionsand More! An expert on youth and youth culture, McKee shares his own heart-rending story and offers a sobering glimpse into the rapidly changing world of bullies, bystanders, and the bullied while providing helpful ways to connect with these kids, open doors of dialogue, and give them the encouragement they need and the validation they're searching for. . .too often in all the wrong places.??The Bullying Breakthrough promises real-world help for dealing with today?s bullying culture.