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Byzantium, the Lost Empire: Envy of the World ENG SUBS

"The dream that lasted for a thousand years, a dream shattered by the armies of the West, the fame of Byzantium, traveled from Iceland to China, from Ethiopia to Russia, to every kingdom on the earth. And, at its center, Constantinople, the world's great marketplace: its fabled wealth, its gold, its emeralds, its palaces, its glittering churches. A legend so rich it caused its own destruction. In 1204, the Venetians managed to divert a cutthroat army of Crusaders from their sacred vows to capture Palestine for Christendom. Promising them the plunder of Byzantium, they provided lists of the treasures and the holy relics inside Constantinople. On the thirteenth of April, Venetian war galleys sailed up to the city walls and the knights of France and Germany, of Italy and England, jumped from the boats onto the battlements. Over the next fifty years half of Constantinople was boxed up, crated, and shipped out of the city to Venice and the West."