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8 months ago

[Read] White-Tailed Deer Management and Habitat Improvement For Online

Bill Pennington
Improve your deer hunting land now for bigger bucks!White-tailed deer hunters who own or lease land are always trying to increase their odds of tagging a trophy buck. But until now, there has been little comprehensive information on how to set up a property to improve the local deer herd and your overall hunting success.The expert advice inside White-tailed Deer Management and Habitat Improvement will benefit properties of all sizes--from 10 to 1,000 acres or more. Plus, the majority of this work can be done on small properties with little more than an investment of time and sweat equity.Steve Bartylla has more than 20 years of experience setting up and managing hunting properties, as well as consulting for other landowners who want to manage their lands for healthy, mature bucks. His hands-on knowledge will provide detailed instruction on how to boost your hunting success by improving the land, the quality of mature deer and your overall hunting plan.YOU'LL LEARN HOW TO:- Add and enhance food sources - Create cover - Influence deer movement - Help doe populations - Manage for older, larger bucks - Hunt more often and decrease disturbances