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Canada to Use Dams to Power Huge Hydrogen Fuel Plant

TomoNews US
TomoNews US
VARENNES, CANADA — The Daniel-Johnson hydroelectric dam in Canada's Quebec province will soon be one of the dams powering one of the biggest green hydrogen plants in the world. Here are the details:

The dream of a world running on a fuel that leaves only water vapor when it is burned, is becoming reality.

CNBC reports that German industrial conglomerate Thyssenkrupp has won a contract to build a huge hydrogen plant in Varennes, in one of Canada's biggest hydroelectric power grids.

The biggest problem with hydrogen fuel is that it takes a lot of water and electricity to sustain the electrolysis process that produces the hydrogen, so it makes a lot of sense to use nearby dams to deliver water and sustained green energy for the electrolysis process.

The huge new plant will use a whopping 88 megawatts of electrical energy, that's 88 million joules per second, to produce 11,000 tons of hydrogen per year.

The company says one of the advantages of being located in Varennes, is that the plant can run on 88 megawatts of green hydro power without interruptions.

This is ideal, as hydrogen is cheaper to produce when electrolysers are working around the clock.

Another by-product of the electrolysis process is oxygen, which will be used in a biofuel plant to produce biofuels from residual waste.

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