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Memories, Piano Inspiration, no copyright background music

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This is an original piano composition featuring orchestral strings. This is an emotive and inspiring theme, perfect for a variety of projects like short stories, slideshows and all kinds of your videos.
Powerful Hybrid of Sound Design, powerful impacts, emotional and tension mood.
Hope you like it..

Thank's to..
Footage maker and image, sorry I used that.. ✌
"Piano Memories by DS Productions" to this Music

► PLEASE NOTE that you don’t have the permission to distribute or register this track or any creation that uses this track with distribution platforms, services, or content ID (meaning that you don’t have the permission to upload this song or creations made with this song on Spotify, Apple Music or any other digital store). Also, you don’t have the permission to use my music in content which includes alcohol or tobacco products, medicaments, nudity, violent content, or content that includes obscenities. Any violation of the above restrictions will be punished by law.

● In which projects I can use this music? You can use this music on Youtube, dailymotion or any other social media platform, as well as advertising projects, personal projects and any other project that complies with the restrictions above.
No Copyright, Royalty Free..

Stay tuned as more tracks will be released in the coming days, weeks and months.
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