Defense updates - Lockheed Legion Pod, Avenger RPA, Serval Armored Vehicles, U.A.E. THAAD Batteries, S-400 Air Defense System, China’s WJ-700 Armed Reconnaissance Drone, Abrams Tanks, Abrams Tanks

  • 3 years ago
Top 5 Latest International Defence News Headlines on Today's "Defence Updates” episode 17-01-2021 follows :

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Iranian Ballistic Missiles Hit Targets 1,800km Away in Indian Ocean.
GA-ASI Integrates Lockheed Legion Pod Onto Avenger RPA.
France Orders 364 Serval Armored Vehicles for Army.
Lockheed to Support U.A.E. THAAD Batteries for $255M.
Belarus Negotiating to buy Russian S-400 Air Defense System.
China’s WJ-700 Armed Reconnaissance Drone Completes Maiden Flight.
U.S. Army’s Abrams Tanks to be fitted with c.
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