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‘Mandalorian’ Star Gina Carano Addresses Social Media Backlash

Wibbitz Entertainment News
Wibbitz Entertainment News
‘Mandalorian’ Star Gina Carano
Addresses Social Media Backlash.
In an interview with YouTube creator Drunk 3PO,
Carano spoke about the criticism she’s faced
because of her social media presence.
The ‘Mandalorian’ actress has caught backlash a number of
times for sharing anti-mask posts and criticizing Democrats. .
According to Carano, people need
to learn how to have conversations with
people that have “different opinions.”.
People need to be OK with
having conversations … With
having difficult conversations,
with having different opinions. , Gina Carano, via Fox News.
She also said that she thinks
the practice of “demoralizing” or canceling
people for their opinions is “wrong.” .
What’s wrong with having a different
opinion? Why does everybody have
to straight go to demoralizing
because maybe they just didn’t
think the way you did?, Gina Carano, via Fox News.
Later in the interview, Carano explained
that she decided to “stay present” on social media
so that those “bullying” her wouldn’t “win.”.
If I don't stay present then
other people win, other people win
in bullying people off of platforms
and there needs to be a more
balanced platform, Gina Carano, via Fox News.
Carano intends to “stick around”
and "focus" on her fans. .
If my presence bothers you, OK,
but also a lot of people are not
bothered by my Twitter presence
or my social media presence … So
I focus more on those people, Gina Carano, via Fox News
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